College vs. The Real World

It’s been a little over a year since I graduated college.  After spending seven years in four different institutions of higher learning, you could say that I am a college expert.  After spending one year in the “real world”, you could say that I never want to be a real world expert.  This place SUCKS.  For those of you who are in the same boat as myself, this is old news.  College did nothing to prepare me for this, but would I have really wanted it to?  Hell no.  I loved having no responsibilities, and wouldn’t have done it any other way.  That being said, I would like to justify my feeling of college superiority by making a list, which you will now read, you beautiful person, you.  That’s right, I’m talking to you.

I. Responsibilities:

  • Real World – Pay bills and rent myself on time by writing a check.  If I only do something once a month, how am I supposed to remember that?  Also, why do we still have checks?  Are you kidding me, banks?  I take a piece of paper with clouds, unicorns, dolphins or whatever printed on it, write any amount I choose, and that is legal tender!?
  • College – Bills are only something you hear about from your parents, or on a romantic comedy, or following the word Buffalo.
2. Socializing:
  • Real World – Social gatherings now center around family gatherings, co-worker happy hours, and old friends from high school.  You thought you were moving forward in time?  Guess again, sucker.
  • College – Places to make friends: Frats, clubs, sports, classes, study groups, gym, cafeteria, in the hallway, bathrooms, on the bus, dorms, ANYWHERE.
3. Gettin’ laid, or getting mates, bonding, relationships, whatever:
  • Real World – Dates.  Relationships.  Commitment.  Longevity.  Prison.  No more casual and comfortable, “I’ll see you at the party later,’ or ‘lets meet in the quad after class and lay in the grass while we pretend to study”.  There is no party later.  There is no quad.  There isn’t even any grass.  Now its get her phone number and harass her until she goes out with you or you may never see her again.  Ask her on a “date”, buy her dinner/drinks, whatever it’s gonna take, then maybe if you’re lucky you’ll establish some kind of connection or even, *gasp, get laid.
  • College – If you meet in the gym it would go like this:  Working out – Partying out – Making out – Hanging out – Sex.  Repeat until you get tired of each other/meet someone else.


Real World

These are just three ways that the Real World SUCKS and College is amazing.  I’m sure there are numerous others.  Feel free to share them if you like.


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  1. I went to community college which is like the real world except smellier. I wish I had an entire brain.

  2. College: I’m bored and want someone to hook up with. I wonder what the guys on the sixth floor are doing…
    Well, that was easy.

    Real world: I’m bored and want someone to hook up with. I wonder if there are any fuckable tenants on the sixth floor…
    Oh…yes ma’am…I realize I shouldn’t knock on people’s doors I don’t know…por favor…no necesitamos la policia…

    College: (Knock knock) Hey, guy from my history class. Sure we can have a bunch of people in my dorm and drink the nice scotch your uncle bought you. Sounds awesome!

    Real world: (Facebook status update) Nothing better than a Saturday night with some Yellow Tail Merlot and Lifetime! Life is good.
    Hahaha. Ahahaha. Ahahahhahaa. (Tears)
    Someone shoot me.

    College: I slept through my midterm, forgot to do the final paper, and missed half of the classes…but my professor thought I was smart and let me retake the midterm and gave me an extension on my final paper…wound up with an A! I AM THE SMARTEST WOMAN ALIVE!!!

    Real World: “Soooo, last night you got shot at.”
    “Yeah…I honestly did.”
    “That still doesn’t explain why you were late to your 8 AM (barista) shift. I mean you WERE already up, weren’t you? You said you couldn’t sleep…let this be your first warning. Don’t be late again.”
    (actually happened to me, btw.)

    Yeah, the real world SUCKS. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Haha! Thanks for the contribution, I knew I wasn’t alone.

    • The part about the barista thing is so, unfortunately, true. While I was never shot at, I could basically say the same. Miss a class or something, oh no big deal, it’s ok. Or come in to the final late and hungover (or still drunk) and still ace the damn thing.
      Real world: You were supposed to be at your register at 8:00am, it’s 8:02am.
      But it takes two minutes to walk from the punch clock at the back of the store to the register.
      So punch in early and synchronize your watch…

      Never mind the fact I have a BA and was at the top of my class. Now, if I’m lucky to have a job, it’s having the privilege of being micromanaged by some boss (who probably can’t even spell privilege) over literally being one minute late at an hourly rate where one minute of my time is worth 14 cents.

  3. @Meredith & Smart Guy; It gets better… nope, it doesn’t. Sorry. But the material fills up your blog posts. Wait till you get some truly scary date stories, you can write for a week!

  4. As the mom of a 9- and 12-year-old, I have to say that I hope my kids never read this. They will become serial college students and avoid the real world forever!

    But as a former college student with many fond memories, I have to say: You’re absolutely right!


  5. College: What time should we meet in the cafeteria for dinner?
    Real World: What will I make myself for dinner tonight? Tomorrow night? Will I have to feed myself for the rest of my life now?

  6. Erik

    You spent seven years in college and you still think ‘socialism’ is a synonym for ‘social life?’

  7. 😦 I don’t wait your talking about, based on this discription and my current college experiance for the last three years… both of them sound exactally the same 😦

  8. This can be a very interesting topic that many high school students can relate once they get to college. I enjoyed this topic and that many people can relate to it.

  9. I don’t know, as a current college student, this is a bad trend I see pervading young adults. They push off longer and longer any real sense of responsibility, extending their youth into even late adulthood.

    • Ashley

      I have to completely agree with Beverly Penn.

      The majority of this would never relate to university experiences of anyone close to me… (except for the easy hook-ups, that’s just a given when you put that many irresponsible people in place) It sounds like you desperately needed a reality check a long time ago, most students pay their own bills all the way through school and their social lives don’t just die out after they graduate and their safe little social bubble pops.

      The real world doesn’t suck, it’s just that you have no idea how to be successful in it.

      • Joe

        I make a big salary, I have more friends now than I did in college, I’m dating girls way hotter than I used to.

        Real world still sucks. It’s boring. You either go through the motions of some job that bores you, or you agonize to perform better at a job before they fire you. All to appease a bunch of people when you’d really rather go back to being broke and not having to care, because you have other things (college athletic team, club, frat, whatever) that didn’t suck.

    • I don’t really see a problem with that. As long as your happy and not screwing things up for others (kids, partners, spouses, etc….). Were not here for a very long time why shouldn’t we have the craic.

    • For me, delaying independence and adulthood wasn’t a choice. After a couple of years on my own, I ended up having to move back. Since my prior bachelor’s was worthless, the only way I could afford to try again with a more meaningful degree in health sciences, was to move in with the folks, and sacrifice adulthood as a result. As for responsibility, I think I regret how responsible I was growing up. Instead of making friends, learning social skills, relaxing, and partying, I spent that time studying. My time, money, and effort would have been better served if I’d gone to trade school, or learned to manage in the real world without going to college. In hindsight, I should’ve screwed around and partied and such because you don’t much get chances like that later, and it’s more important in the real world to have social skills than to, say, know calculus or Jungian analysis or set theory or how to ace standardized tests…

  10. This is funny but it real shows what you are talking about. Adding the pictures really makes people into it. Just by this example i would go for college.

  11. This is very funny. Now I know the difference between the real world and college. This was a funny way to show the difference between college and the real world. 🙂


  13. As an creative and intelligent student i am I will be sure to look back at this when im in college simply because you made a great point. Thanks a lot. 🙂

  14. Your Blog truly shines light on the College and Real world experience….:)

  15. No children and no old people. That was one of my fav parts of college. 😉

  16. I never had the opportunity to go away to college. But I do agree: the real world has, and always will suck. Congrats on getting ‘pressed’.

  17. LOL! This blog is informational but also funny. You included things like how in the real world you have to pay lots of bills and take care of everyone, but in college you are all one and take care of yourself. I love to read more of these blogs!

  18. This is a good blog and it was really funny. I liked it a lot and you really did a great job on it. I really think your right even though I’m only 12 years old i think i under stand what your trying to tell us. 😀

  19. this is absolutely right. College is very important but u cant forget about the real world.

  20. LoL! Real world sucks because you have to listen to adults and you can’t do anything you want.

  21. This makes me really miss college.

  22. You did learn however to make a fabulous outline – HA!! Seriously, this is hilarious and YES the real world DOES suck!! I also miss “study sessions” at the bar, presenting ridiculous ideas in class just to see who’s the first to laugh, and playing pranks in the dining halls. Most of all I miss living with my best friends where everyday we found some way to irresponsibly entertain ourselves. These things don’t have to stop in the real world but somehow everyone loses their sense of humor when they “grow up.” Oh well, at some point we have to pass to torch and let the younger have what we had. 🙂

  23. Here’s another one.

    College/uni: I have a month off for Christmas, a month off for Easter, and about 3/4 months off for the summer holidays. What should I do with my time? Maybe I should travel somewhere with my student loan money, but I’ll most likely just stay in and watch DVD box sets all day.

    Real world: 25 days holiday- a year???!!! I know, I’ll just have random stay-cations because I can’t afford to travel anywhere, but I’ll just end up doing all the housework I didn’t quite get round to.

    Bugger 😦

  24. For me, the main difference is that I had a set path in college. Yes, I had to think a lot and plan a lot to get assignments and projects compleated, and no I didn’t always have a detailed set of instructions. But I knew if I put my mind to it and followed the general group of classes I was supposed to take, I’d get a degree. There is no such general path for finding a job.

  25. Pretty hilarious! Also really enjoyed the cartoons. Oh, the real world. What does that mean anyway? One thing that is cool about not being in college anymore is that you’re completely on your own and independent. Mom and Dad don’t write the checks anymore, but it is your choice where you live, what you do, and how you do it. That part is pretty sweet!

    • Albert

      So in summation, the real world is way better than college if you have boatloads of money. Otherwise it probably sucks.

  26. rae

    College: It’s 10:00 PM?! Let’s go out! What are we waiting?!?
    Real world: It’s 10:00 PM?! God, I’m tired. I’m going to bed.

  27. JL

    I haven’t experienced the real world yet, but based on this world it sounds better than college. I already have to pay rent and bills without my parents and I think college sucks sometimes. LOL.

  28. I appreciate this post being a post grad that has yet to find a job in the first place to go to happy hour with co-workers It makes me feel better. I miss College. *sigh

  29. This post really made me miss college…maybe I’ll go back.

  30. This is not very helpful, since I will attend college next year.. perhaps it will be better in my situation, don’t disconcert me so soon :))

  31. This really makes me not want to leave college…

  32. yes, i wish to live on campus all the time
    it is the “real” world

  33. I’m always jealous of people who got the kind of college experience you describe because I had to work full-time through college and pay my own bills. Maybe someone should start a foundation so I can go back to college and actually enjoy the experience? That could work, right?

  34. The cold hard adjustment from college to the shitty real world really sucks. Thanks for posting. I personally would’ve liked to be more prepared on how to deal with
    #1 how to make friends that don’t work with you
    #2 maneuvering office politics
    #3 the great shift in your identity going from “being a student” to “whatever you do all day at work”

    FML… god I seriously would love to going back to being a student. Masters degree anyone?

  35. melanonce

    ‘Socialism’ and the act of socializing are two verrrrrry different things.

  36. Hilarious post, however, college for me is the real world as I work full-time while attending college full-time (so I know all about bills, rent, etc!) Everyone else who sees college in your viewpoint is extremely lucky. It is not easy to work and go to school, that’s for sure. Plus, there’s no such thing as vacation for me! :*(


  37. I love #2 about social life, very funny and true! 🙂

  38. Ha! Having just gone BACK to school after a long stint in the so-called ‘real world’ I can totally appreciate this. Fresh back on the streets, I can tell you that I’m dying to go back. I need an alternate reality…

  39. Okay, first of all, this post is hilarious! I honestly laughed so hard when I read, “Also, why do we still have checks? Are you kidding me, banks?”…I have said that SO many times!!

    Well, I work at a college so I guess I have the best of both worlds? I dunno…probably not. Maybe I have the worst of both worlds: all of the responsibilities of both without any of the benefits. Yeah, that sucks…

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  40. College days for me are a distant memory. The real world has its ups and downs, but once you get past the paying bills part, it’s not so bad. Try living the adult bohemian lifestyle, it’s a bit like never leaving college.

  41. I had a job, rent, and bills all throughout college, hence, not much of a social life really. I was flat broke most of the time, and malnourished and sleep-deprived all the time. Is it really college that was so amazing?

  42. All very sad but true – however, you do go numb afer a while so there’s that to look forward to

  43. Best article I’ve read lately!

  44. I’m 63 and your blog made me feel nostalgic. Except I’d have to add: 10:00 a.m. protest the Viet Nam war; 1:00 p.m. march for equal housing and jobs at City hall; 4:00 burn bra in protest for Women’s Rights, 7:00 p.m. participate in a sit-in at the Administration building “just because.” In other words, your parents and I invented the college experience. Fun post! Congrats on being FP’D!

  45. College is awesome. Period. 😀

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  46. Loved this by the way-can relate-3 colleges in 6 years-give or take a semester

    College–Friday at 1:30pm–not making 2:00 Biology have a full weekend of video games and Natural Lt ahead and need a head start

    Real World–Friday at 1:30pm–I am gonna need you to come in on Saturday if you don’t mind

  47. yvetteslife

    This was perfect and true. Thanks for the laugh today!

  48. …I forgot to add the “real world” experience: “work, work, work, work, work so that our kids can have a great college experience! 🙂

  49. I’m working as a college adviser in a high school and feel as though students would greatly benefit from knowing these advantages of living an undergraduate lifestyle … pretty quality material you have here

  50. I cannot wait to go to college…

    Great post! Now when I’m in college I’ll try to prepare myself to face the real world.

  51. Yes! I’m about to graduate from my university in December and I’ve been at home for the last two semesters. Everything stated is so true beyond belief, especially the part about socializing. Most of my high school friends have gone to the military or just flat out moved out of town. I totally realized that college doesn’t prepared you for the real world in no way, shape or form.

  52. I hate college and can’t wait to get out, and it’s only my second year. The fact that it is pointless because we don’t learn true job skills that we can apply in the “real world” kinda proves it’s a waste of money.

    But I have to disagree on the social life part. If you get involved with your community, with community service, political groups, or even random neighborhood groups, there’s a good bit of a social life that’s more constructive than college. …College has taught me this and has helped me get involved.

    Still, I hate college and when I get out, I don’t want to come back. It’s the reason I decided against getting a PhD. I can’t stand it anymore.

  53. 1. US college sounds like it’s even more free-spirited than UK Uni. We still have to pay bills ourselves etc.

    2. The bit in your comic strip where the guy says “Now excuse me, I’m late for something pointless” made me literally laugh like an idiot. Not just “lol” but actually laugh really loudly. I LOVED that. (:

  54. I am with you. Can we all just say it together – “Real life sucks.” The first year out of school is about as much fun as getting kicked in the face with a steel toed boot.

  55. Ah, nothing like going through college and being grossly unprepared for the real word. Not to mention that they don’t warn you about half the degrees meaning basically nothing when you graduate. Sweet.

  56. In college watching a TV series can be achieved in a day. In the real world, you are expected to watch episodes as they are aired on actual TV instead of your laptop. It is not acceptable to just close your curtains in the middle of the day and repeatedly press ‘next’.

    Luckily for me, I am a student. So I should really be getting back to watching Sex and the City FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

  57. Simon Says

    This was totally and completely true! Which is the sad part! I’m 22 (as of yesterday), and I’m doing things backwards. I graduated high school, and jumped into the real world. Now, and over the past year and a half, I’ve been backtracking through college, transferring to University next year.
    I vouch for EVERYTHING you said and then some. And this makes me pleasantly happy to digress into the college life after having suffered from Real-Worlditis. G’Luck braving the world!
    Ps: I’ll admit, I get bored easily reading many posts…but this one was so honest, it was entertaining til the end. So, thank you for that (:

    If you’d like to track my travels back in time from the real world to university, read on at:

  58. In college, it’s perfectly natural for you roommate to be having sex above you in your shared bunkbed. In the real world, less so.
    Here’s a story from a novel about college:

  59. In the real world, a group of guys drinking out of clay cups, calling each other immortals and singing mind-altering music is called a cult. In college, it’s called an a cappella singing group.

  60. Going to university in my home town was the worst. I still lived at home so there were few bills to pay but no college life. So you are still “studying” all the time without any of the fun. No one ever meets up in the hallways and hangs out. You drive to school, go to class, get coffee with headphones in, speak to no one, go back to class, leave to go home, sit at home and pretend to study with a bottle of wine or a 6 pack, go to sleep early annnnd repeat.
    Biggest regret of my life not getting go to “college” in your sense of the word. Real life and university have just melded together.

  61. In college, you can find names carved under your fireplace shelf that date back to the 1800’s. In the real world, that shelf would have been replaced a long time ago.

  62. I love you. Please follow my blog. Its supposed to be similar to this. My adventures in the world after college with many posts becoming slightly distracted but still. Once again- I love you

  63. Great Post! 🙂 I’m in College now and it’s Amazing! Some of my friends can’t wait to graduate…after I show them this post, I’m sure they will change their mind! As for Real World vs College, because I haven’t been out in the land of bills and bonding, I can’t say much about the difference. However, I definitely won’t miss: Random Roommates, Midterms and Finals, and Cleaning my Bathroom after a Rough Night! Good Luck being out on your own! I’ll enjoy Arizona State University for the both of us! 😀

  64. As much as I loved college, it was pretty demanding. Your experience as presented here is different from mine… I had plenty of standard college fun, but I was one of those bores who studied a lot and paid my own rent. There was plenty about college that was hard, and plenty about it that I don’t miss.

    I love my “real world” life now. It’s nice not to have papers to write, midterms to study for, and the ridiculous social posturing of assclown fratboys and biddies with inflated egos to avoid. I’m glad those people are out getting a dose of the “real world.” If the point of college is really just to piss away four years dicking around with no responsibilities because you grew up in the lap of privilege, then why even bother?

    And yes, I realize this post is likely in jest. It was amusing. 🙂

  65. Haha oh gosh. So true. I miss college so much – but probably because I miss having a life. You know what sucks more than a job? Not having one…boo shitty economy.

    I love college posts – they always take me back. You might find these amusing:

    (Defn read this one – it’s a list of hilarious thoughts by people of this generation. It really reminds me of being this age haha!)

  66. Nope, a cheque is not legal tender.

  67. Very funny column; you are a gifted writer and made me smile. Life does get more complicated after college. My (midlife) husband and I talk about moving into the dorms when we retire.

  68. I like it gave me a great laugh… we all have to grow up sometime, but as John Lennon said he just wanted to be happy when he grew up. That is the point of life, find your happiness.
    Rock On

  69. I have my first “real job” in the real world. I am sitting here now. It’s amazing how these real world old-timers stress out over cupcakes for office parties at which no one is really actually talking to each other, and freak out about paperclips and the wrong interdepartmental envelopes. Microsoft Outlook has replaced texting and Facebook and socialization is dead. Damn, let’s go back to college and all get drunk & laid.

  70. As someone just entering higher education I hope I make the most of it and enjoy the lack of responsibility. Love the little illustrations by the way.

  71. you are 100% accurate with your assessment. the real world blows. every once in awhile i’ll call some old college buddies and ask them; “really?! this is it huh?”

    their reply; “yup, sucks doesnt it?”

    then you have friends start to get married.. girls that were once hot are now not. the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of one day making a ton of money so i can go back to that “do whatever the hell i want” lifestyle that was taken for granted during my college years.

  72. i couldn’t agree more. nothing is quite as great as the college years. you have complete freedom. freedom from parents, freedom from micromanagement, freedom from the real world. and all that comes with it. who knew that bills and adult relationships and jobs would be so draining. but cheer up….cause i hear retirement is even better than college.

  73. fireandair

    You forgot the one thing that makes the real world way better than college will ever be: MONEY. YOU MAKE MONEY IN THE REAL WORLD. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA … *wrings hands like Mr. Burns*

  74. Haha, a few years out of college, I know how you feel!!! Luckily, I am a teacher myself, so laugh every single day now with kids,hopefully one day get to teach college kids. Not the same of course, but more fun than a “normal” job I think.

  75. confused ramblings of an overworked mind

    ha, brilliant! I’m a part time college student though, so i have the worst of both worlds — i have to work all week, and study every night and weekend :((

  76. Is the real world that bad? Sigh. I graduate college in a month and I have to start looking for a job. Nice blog by the way, at least your honest about the impending future.

  77. Impressive way to handle with every new topic. I like the best.

  78. samanthahamade

    Love it! I know exactly what you’re talking about..oh what i would do to go back to my college days..

  79. I hear you! I still lived at home in college but I somehow managed to get my fun share. God I miss loong breakfasts at the college cafeteria skipping class cuz we had more important things to talk about than to listen to our economy teacher complain about EVERYTHING that we are doing wrong.
    I met some amazing people in college and I remember the easy going vibe we were all into… man that is long gone
    Real world pretty much sucks yep, but at least we don’t have to pretend we’re studying anymore 😉

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  81. Loser 2.0

    I went to community college, so I learned how much the real world sucks…it was just a delayed lesson. Love your drawings! They really brought it full circle for me. haha

    Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  82. Haha! You are so dead on, it’s just too hilarious!

    I just graduated in May and I am struggling being in the “Real World” and not having the excuse of “oh, I’m just a poor college student.”

    Let’s be Blog friends?


  83. this was me in high school, I would prefer not to go back to it, you wake up the next day not thinking I wish I had more to drink last night or I wish I would of Hooked up with another chick last night. You wake up Wishing that you did not drink so much, you wake up wishing you did not sleep around so much. Life is wasted when you live like that. Sure it seems fun in the time of the action but after all it leaves is misery, and self hatred.

  84. I’ve been graduated for almost a year as well..freaking strange feeling that’s for sure. I ended up getting a job totally not in my field of study (no big surprise there) but I’m loving it and wouldn’t want to do anything else right now! The “Real World” is just a new adventure in this road of life- change is the biggest factor you have to adjust to–at least for me it is. No worries- you will be fine! Just do what is best for YOUUUUUU!

  85. I was scared of the real world so I went to law school…

    1) Responsibilities
    – Just like the real world + homework too… Did you know the sewer charge is different from your water charge, which is different from your electricity charge? And of course you can’t forget the internet and cable and phone… I thought it all came in one package under the title “utilities” until I got my bills in August…

    2) Social Life
    – Just like college, except you’re even closer because you all have a ton of commonalities. I’ve made great friends; too bad we don’t have time to hang out outside of the law school building.

    3) Getting laid, relationships, whatever you want to call it…
    – I haven’t gotten this little amount of action since middle school. Most of my peers are wither dating someone or married. Not that I have any time to form any sort of meaningful relationship anyway…

    Verdict: I miss college!!!! Still glad I’m not in the real world…

  86. Ha! Great post! Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  87. Agreed. I loved college life where you could decide if you wanted to go to class or not. You could work-out at random times – go grocery shopping at 2 p.m. when everyone is at work. When you had no real sense of rush hour b/c classes were normally at odd times. Now its 9-5. Flexibility went down the sink…sometimes I would like to sleep in and work from Noon-8p.m. .. oh well :). Funny reading. Congrats on Freshly Pressed

  88. Very funny. I too feared the real world, so once I graduated, I moved in with my best friend who was taking 6 years to graduate college, and now I’m blogging to pretend I’m accomplishing something. My first post was a little like yours, actually, though I’ll have to steal the idea of threatening people who tell me to get jobs with swords.

  89. qwophicedi

    Nice piece and hope you get to check out my blog also. Just started and will be happy to have a few subscribers or followers.

  90. Many graduates nowadays complain about the insane debt they’re in after graduation. The way you describe it, though, it is totally worth it (and I think it’s kind of worth it, too) 😀

  91. Kaitleen Gillis

    lol this is hilarious! I feel your pain for social life, entered the real world + moved to a new state and it takes longer to make friends

  92. Loved your post. I have sent it on to my son who has been out of college a couple of years!!

  93. All knowledge and all theories were got from the real world.

  94. Can your parent adopt me? I’ve been paying rent, bills and tuition payments since day one of college.

    I can’t WAIT ’til I make money and get to come home and just play video games and not have to worry about pointless classes, homework and exams that are costing me thousands. It all depends on where you put yourself.

    I’m lined up doing something I love (working for ad agency), and I guess if I had to settle and do some boring finance or something I would definitely agree.

    Congrats on FP!

  95. This a perfectly good reason why we should go to Grad School!! More money when we are done and an excuse not to enter the real world.

  96. tagcavello

    Time and again I hear about how casual sex is at college. Jesus, I wish I’d gone to college.

  97. The real world is not that bad…..give it a chance… I did like some of your post but I went back and read after posting previous comment….I can see how real world does not compare to college life…but there comes a time when we all need to grow up and face it head on….good luck!!

  98. Very well put together. i only had a year in college. I stopped but got the job I still have right now. I can’t say make the comparison but I can’t saying “Real World’ sux either. It does take a toll on you but it is adventurous and exhilirating at the same time.

  99. Fed Up

    I am not sure what kind of world you are living in but there is more to college than casual sex and getting wasted (that leads to diseases)….. College is supposed to be an institution of higher learning and for intellect. And I would like to know what kind of parents let you go to college completely free of responsibility for 7 years? Perhaps you need a new perspective on life

  100. PS Before posting my first comment, I should have re-read your material. It goes to show that it does not pay to half way read something with many distractions going on around you. But, I have gone back and read and re-read it several times. There were a few comments in the post I missed the first time that I caught when reading again. These thoughts bothered me a little, too.

    I would have liked the post even better if the language had been cleaner..we can get our point across without the foul language…also, life isn’t about who you are going to sleep with….it is about finding that right mate in life to share your life with and saving yourself for that special someone. You will get further with a young lady if you treat her with decency and respect. Take time to get to know a person and what is on the inside. Getting to score with a young lady is not a funny topic nor does it show respect to the young ladies who you know, will know and/or who may even be reading your post. Sex is for marriage and a couple sharing intimacy out of their love for one another. It is not for fun and games. Ten years from now, are you going to feel good about yourself about the way you treated the young ladies?

    Yet, again, you do make a good comparison of the thoughts that run through a young person’s head as they great the real world of work and responsibilities…I’d like to see what you think in a couple of years once you are established and settled down…I imagine some of your thoughts may change. It is amazing how a few years out of college will change your perspective on things.
    Praying that your journey ahead will be a positive one with many opportunities.

    I did share this post with my son via email because he has been out of college for a couple of years now. He never returned home after graduating but faced the real world head on without asking his dad or me for help other than moving. I am quite proud of how he has dealt with real world issues. He is now married and seems to be on good footing in his career and marriage. When life happens, he calls and we support him but in the end, he knows that life will happen and he has to suck it up and deal with it.

    Again, praying that your journey ahead will be a great adventure, that many blessings will come your way and that you will begin to see life in a newer perspective and light.

    • April, I heartily agree with your comment. I much prefer the real world to college for most of the reasons that this blogger prefers college to the real world. In the real world there’s financial responsibility, social responsibility, and sexual morality. In college all these things are missing, at least for some folks. (I’m sure there are responsible, well-behaved people in college too. I don’t want to badmouth all college students.)

    • facepalm*

      I have drawn several conclusions from your lengthy response:

      1. This is satire. It is meant to be a joke, and may reflect opinions and comments that you do not agree with or understand. It is meant to be funny.
      2. If you were bothered by the content, why did you reread? and then reread again? and THEN forward it (you obviously disagree with the content) to your son to read? Do you realize that without your reaction to this style of writing, you would have given this blog little to no thought much less forwarded it on?
      3. It seems like you are a nice person, and seem intelligent, but the meaning of this writing is lost on you.

      PS. – you mentioned praying alot….try to tone that down a bit kbye

  101. thoraaron

    Welcome to the real world. I’m sure with time you will learn to appreciate earning money with your own two hands, and will revel when you have extra money after you pay rent. It’s not easy, but it’s life, and it can be so rewarding, college is but a distraction with random facts thrown in.

    Not for tourists:

  102. I graduated this past May and I went through a lot of similar things.

    One thing that really changed things up for me is that I moved to a location where I have NO friends whatsoever. It really set my social life back and I’m still trying to rebuild. However, I have a great job and I’m constantly developing myself so it’s not a complete loss.

    I’ll see if I can’t read through some of your other stuff to figure out what your circumstances are, but if you wouldn’t mind making it a bit easier… did you stick around close to wherever “home” is?

  103. Glad I did go to university –for 2 degrees. But am glad those years are behind me…it’s been 3 decades.

    One keeps on learning if one has the right jobs along the way. Yes, of course there’s reality of paying bills. But would I want to go back?: No. I do have a career with a full-time salary…but you wouldn’t know it from my blogs. Point is: There is fun and life after college, even despite real world responsibilities. It’s how I want to see my world.

    Best wishes for the journey ahead.

  104. Is the purpose of college outdated? Do we need to re-assess what college should achieve in addition to responsibility and real job skills relevant to the new economy?

    • I think it needs to be reassessed. I would’ve appreciated if someone had told me along the way the realities of student loan debt; that tuition is an investment in potentiality of a future, not a guarantee, and that college is a business like anything else. Also that you should reconsider majoring in anything other than health care (or other potentially lucrative fields, such as applied medical sciences or computer programming), especially regarding the humanities, unless you plan on staying in academia and becoming a professor. I don’t think my prior approach of “learning for learning’s sake” was completely regrettable, but college did little to de-emphasize that myth, or the myth that a college degree – any college degree – will land you a job better than minimum wage. I think there should be more of a focus towards trade school and preparing kids for the real world, and explain more fully the risks of going on to college. Maybe higher learning is for you, because you have the money to afford it, and you feel it would greatly enrich your life to study philosophy etc. I guess my overall point is that they tell you that college is about investing in yourself so that you will be able to have a well-paying white collar job. What they should tell you is that college (most of the majors, anyway) does not prepare you for the real world, nor help you attain a job, and it is exceedingly exponentially expensive, and that what it may ultimately do for you is provide well-rounded intellectual enrichment, hone critical thinking, and give some extended adolescence between living with your parents and living alone, and is that worth the money to you?

  105. There was one bad thing about college: it ended.
    There is one good thing about the real world: sorry, lost my train of thought.

  106. clarehudson

    I agree with Jean (2 comments above). Life can get even more fun after college/ uni if you want it to and it is possible to live communally without having to worry loads about the responsibility of bills…. It’s a shame ‘The Real World’ has become so dull- don’t people realise that it doesn’t have to be that way? Sadly, I think you may be right though. At the moment I think people on the whole do have a much better time at college.

  107. Cee

    what else can I say? the real word is deff harsh hahaha the “illustrations” are hilarious! nice post!

  108. Rob Rubin

    Great post. The real world does suck. As someone who has been in it for what 15 years now, I would give anything to back to those days when all I had to worry about was changing the tap on the keg and remembering the girl’s name who I hooked up with the night before.

    We are led to believe that we are supposed to all grow up and get married, have kids, work in cubicle, yada, yada…and most of us, myself included end up doing that only to wish we had it like it was before.


  109. Andrei Calinescu

    Well put, good sir. Real life blows and more college-bound students should be notified of this so they can fully carpe-diem-the-fuck-outta college! I just graduated and now my cousin just started, and I’m feeling uber nostalgic every time I talk to him :S

  110. Stranger: “Hey, I’m having a party tonight! You should definitely come over with some friends!”
    During college: “Sounds awesome! Here’s my number, text me the address later”
    Real life: Don’t make eye contact. He’s probably a psycho.

  111. Yeah the real word sux if you don’t have a passion for something.
    you can’t expect to finish college and then hate every day for the rest of your life.

    Do what you love, and the money will follow.
    nothing better than being rich LOL



  112. Shegz Afolayan

    So true bro… Can I still call you bro even though you’ve moved on to the Real World?

  113. bwucinski

    I’m in my junior year of college and now I never want to leave for the above listed reasons. Thank you.

  114. You my friend, are funny. I just wrote an entry bitching about the real world. Your entry couldn’t have been freshly pressed at a better time. Thanks for being opinionated.

  115. I really don’t want college to be over and go into the real world! I’d rather have no responsibilities, too! :))

  116. lol!! this is hilarious!!! :-D.. And its so true..i love the post.. 🙂

  117. Hahaha, that’s so true. Sad, but true.

  118. the post takes you back to old days!

  119. Michelle Rose

    I’m personally a big fan of the real world.

    College: broke and dependent on student loans
    Real world: controlling my income

    College: shallow relationships
    Real world: depth and fulfillment in relationships from people who saw you in college and still love you …

    I don’t know, College was fun, but I’m pretty excited about moving on, pushing my career ahead and in love with my best friend. yep. I choose the real world.

  120. TR

    I fell in love with this post. I checked out some of your other ones and loved them. I even spotlighted this post on You should check it out to help bring more traffic to this great blog. Keep it up!

  121. I am gona miss my university very soon because I am finishing my LL.M. next month. This article is very realistic. thanks for the article

  122. metaplastic

    Recruiter: Why should I accept you?
    College: *List major, GPA, extracurriculars*
    Real Life: *Realize you have no actual skills*

  123. hehehX !!! :O

  124. Ray Cat Lady

    Ah hahahaha! So true. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is that while in college you’re generally applauded for your individuality. In the real world you’re applauded for screaming less when they suck out your soul.

    Great post, thanks for the chuckle.

  125. Julio Eiffelt R R

    i do Agree. The Real Live is totally different than College.

  126. wacked

    So very true. been there done all of that. and now i miss it.

  127. College is very ambiguous and most of the time, there’s a mismatch between college and what the real world really is. Totally feel you.

  128. Surprisingly, I’ve got absolutely different impressions about my University years and my “real life” as you put it. I don’t know, perhaps, it is much more entertaining in college than at the University, but I highly doubt it.

    For me finishing my studies meant finally breaking free. And I don’t mind paying my bills as long as I earn enough. But, let me put it your way.

    4. Free time
    University: no free time at all. Waking up at 6 to go for boring studies that you hate, then finishing it somewhere in the afternoon, then doing a part time job to have some extra money, arriving late and reading the same boring materials by night or during the weekend to be prepared.

    Real life: Going to work, finishing it.. and Bingo! You are free, and here we go to do whatever we like. Oh yeah, and since you now earn twice more, you can afford more entertainment.

    This list could be continued upon request.



  129. Ah uni. Great 3.5 years. You hit that one right on the head.. Can’t comment about the real world though, I graduated almost 18 months ago and decided backpacking would be more fun than a job… Avoiding “normal life” like the plague and loving it. Awesome cartoons btw

  130. Hahaha.. Loves the pictures very much.. Remember the time when we don’t even think about paying something.. Uaaaaaa..

  131. Well, I guess I’m going to refuse to graduate.

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  133. mdprincing

    Thank you for starting my day with a laugh. Your spot on and they don’t teach you real world in most colleges today, they are too busy filling young minds with liberal bullshit ideas about entitlement and socialism because they have never lived in the real world. Think about it. Professors life: Go to college geat a BA, go back to college get a MA, go back to college get a PHD get a job teaching at a college. All the while they are learning from a text book written by a guy/girl that did the same and learn a “theory” that they never actually practiced in the real world and will eventually write their own book about theory they have no experience with.

  134. Hahaha. Real world sucks, and college is amazing instead. Indeed! And what a hilarious way to say it! Oh I love this post! Hahaha. Totally awesome.

  135. Luckily I do half of these things, pay rent, relationship stuff and the socializing. And i have a year and a half left of college

  136. indiraadams

    Oh, man! Now I really want to go to college!

    Although I must say, real life doesn’t sound all that bad… Good post!

  137. vegburger

    Great post, and I LOVE your cartoon about making friends in the real world. It is completely true.

  138. Only 2 years into the real world myself I’ve had the same realization—-bills, insurance, taxes, rent….what is all of this? There should be a final college class we all have to take that explains all of this and prepares us for its miseries 🙂

  139. erinhoyer

    GAH SHIT. I totally do not want to finish university…

  140. College life was so much better.. Why did it ever get over?

  141. thank you now this made comming to work today worth it! loved it!!

  142. College: Get a part time job with Federal Work Study funds – even the least amount of effort = greatest employee ever! Also, it’s totally ok to work on homework while working because being a student is your #1 priority. Lots of praise and positive reinforcement.

    Real World: Search day and night for months trying to find a full time job – Yes you can work here as an indentured servant, but nothing you do will ever be good enough. Lots of yelling and punishment.

  143. You now what really sucks? I’ve got the worse of both worlds. Full time student at University and full time employee with a “big girl job” (I’m 25). I’ve had to figure out how to balance the “Lets party!” with “zomg…6am alarm clock. You suck. Must get up and be good employee…”
    My parents dicked me in the educational department and made me fund my entire college education on my own. They made way too much for me to get any financial aid.
    Real world does suck…and I’ve been in it since I was 16.
    College is awesome…and I’ve been in it since I was 21.
    ….wishin’ I could have had your experience – I may not be a giant little stress ball 😛

  144. College and real life are two distinct (read separate) life cycles. They don’t merge. One prepares (or doesn’t) prepare you for the other. Vast cultural differences aka diversity is seen in different parts of the world. In South Asia the college (education in general) is the sole responsibility of the parents. If they don’t have the money, their offspring doesn’t go to any such place. (Things are changing now but at a very very slow pace). So the student/ real life people in South Asia might have difficulty in relating to the subject matter also. But for American way of life, it’s a classic.

  145. College Life : “Hey, i wanna be a part of the Aero club.”
    “You’re welcome!”
    Real Life : “u got absolutely NO knowledge to go through”! 😛

  146. Gosh, I entered the real world in May after 5 years of college (which I thought was plenty long) thinking this life of bar-hopping and full-time-jobbing would suit me because I’m “such an adult.” Boy, what a smack in the face that knocked me out for a 3 hour nap this afternoon.

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  148. marginalessays

    I graduated college a year and a half ago. Below are my responses.

    1. No one lives with parents paying rent and credit card bills forever. Plus, as noted in other comments, for some college students, the responsibilities are real full-time jobs to pay student loans. Now that I work, it’s satisfying to make and manage my money

    I enjoy new responsibilities that come with full time work. I work with kids and each day we exercise together, finish homework, work on social skills, and laugh at jokes. I’m making a difference, and it’s more fulfilling than sitting in the back of a 300-person Econ lecture hall taking notes and watching other people play games on iPhones.

    2. You can still frequent all the same places as a full time worker. I visit and meet people at libraries, coffee shops, and gyms. It’s not that people have changed into boring drones when we enter full time work, it’s that we leave the comfortable bubble of college where we did things we normally wouldn’t.

    3. Again, as noted, highlighting successes in personal sexual activity is a remarkably limited view of college. Finding a significant other and creating a lasting relationship involves more effort and commitment than hooking up after a college party.

    College is an experience. Each of us had a unique experiences and we’re sharing our stories on this blog.

    One item I never understand about these discussions is the definition of “real world.” The term is used loosely in the context of college and work.

    For me, talking with college students, I wouldn’t say, “Be scared of life after college. It SUCKS because you have to pay your own bills, cook your own food, you never meet new people, and you can’t hook up with people on a weekly basis.” That prepares students for failure

    I’d say, “Be excited at the possibilities in your life after college. Be ready to take on new responsibilities and face new challenges. Keep the lessons you learned in college close, as well as the friends, mentors, and professors you met.” That prepares students for success.

  149. Very true. I’ve been in the real world 4 months now and it sucks. I have no free time, I’m constantly tired, so much to think about/worry about. All I wanted to do at uni was prepare myself for the future, gain some independence and grow up. God I wish I had made the most of it more while I was there. I won’t get times like that again until I retire!

  150. I found college to be pretty much that, except now I can have fancy things. No longer am I buying dishes/clothes/drywall that’ll just make it through the year. It’s an interesting aspect of the real world.

  151. mattikuss

    Could not be more true… relationships are impossible outside of college (I was at UW-Madison), where everyone is looking to get l-a-i-d. Especially when you haven’t dated in the real world yet. I’m already experiencing the pressure. Thanks for the post. Very depressing.

  152. thediariesofthe2011s

    College: *wakes up* Today I dont feel like attending that morning class, let me just sleep in 🙂
    Real world: * wakes up* I dont feel like going to work but I’ll have to go or else I get fired

  153. Very funny – although i was a geek at school, so my sex life and social life improved when i got into the real world!

  154. Really nice post 😀 and hilarious photographs 😀

  155. College: You mess up real bad and get to take the class over again.

    Real World: You mess up real bad and get fired… from a cannon.
    *everything is true except the cannon part. 🙂

  156. Irwan Juanda

    I don’t think real world sucks, i think it’s just usually different than what we used to think about. And well, when we think about something and it comes up differently, it sucks. So, it’s all in our mind.

  157. You’re dead on in this post! Congrats on freshly pressed.

  158. Yup, the real world is definitely overrated. Someone talk to the teens and tell them to stop rushing to grow up! Haha

  159. Ugh. This is so depressing.
    I remember at my college graduation party and everyone was like “Hey, enjoy every minute in college because it flies by.” I remember not listening being like yeah yeah yeah I am eighteen, where is my seventeen year old boyfriend? Now I am creeping closer to graduation and it is almost so close I can smell it. (The dusty and stuffy stage; I imagine it being similar to my high school graduation.)

    At the age of twenty I still have no idea what to do and I will fake dead the next time someone asks me the question “what are you going to do with your life.” I go to a Jesuit institution and the goal of my college it to “teach the person as a whole of all aspects of education..” or some garbage like that. So being in college I have taken calculus, french, two philosophies, two religions… I can go on, but I am a communications, digital media arts and marketing minor and also I am a participant in a D1 sport and that is a job in itself. I just took my first marketing class last semester! And I am a senior!!!
    I still do not know what to do. I could not even tell you what I would go for if I were to get my masters and I definitely agree that colleges do not prepare you for the real world. YES I AM THANKFUL for a well- rounded education. But really? I have to take a history on the holocaust or a class on humor? Where I can be studying something I actually want to do and learn and advance in my majors.

    I thought 4 years of college and that was it. You get your nice job,a nice beamer, a nice husband, HECK I can’t even find “the man of my dreams” at my college (which is also a big factor when someone thinks of a college; meeting the person you will spend the rest of your life with.. good joke. Schools are filled with bros and idiots these days…N O O F F E N S E)
    But I do agree, College is an awesome place. I get to live with my girlfriends, my parents pay my rent, I just quit my minimum wage job because my mother wanted me to! and the best part MY SWIPE card… AKA unlimited food.

    But, thank you for this. Very sad to see what the say about the “real world” is true… Dreading to experience it.

  160. I hate paying with checks. Mostly because I have to Google “how to write a check” everytime I intend to pay with one.

  161. wiz

    man, you ain’t never lied … I have tried over the years to never say “those were the best years of my life” , but I guess I just did … 🙂 … seriously, I don’t know what happens to everyone after school … everyone becomes so “old”, mean and afraid of everything … but as long as you stay spontaneous, kind and cool you’ll be ok lil bro 🙂 … but I will always miss all my friends and the time I had to hang with them , out of the blue road trips to wherever, and having the world as my oyster for the change in my pocket …

  162. DJ

    Indeed, life should be about play and pleasure. Great post. I feel your pain.

  163. I really miss college…

    I didn’t know I was sooooooooo fucking happy 😦

  164. You mentioned everything I love being at college!

  165. College is basically a four year long party (if you’re not studying medicine). The Real World is cleaning up the mess you made in College. Or something like that… Great post! Congrats on being Juiced. I mean, Freshly Pressed.

  166. I’m about to get to the end of stretching my UK student finance as far as it will go – I’ve got 5 years so far!
    However, I went back to university after 2 years in the real world because I hated it so much! I now have to decide what I need to do with my life, and re-enter the real world forever. Not happy about it!
    (Although I have been skint for the last 2 years, have been paying bills, rent etc, and working, it is still much better than the real world full time!)

  167. This is so true. And depressing. I am continually disappointed that this rent thing continues to exist and disturb my life month after month. One other example that popped in my head:

    College: The 20 people I invited over tonight will be here in an hour. I should probably go buy some Natty Light and dip, maybe find that bag of chips I saw under my bed a few weeks ago…

    Real World: Wait you people expected me to provide you with homemade food and beer that cost more than a dollar? And have clean plates? Damn.

  168. I miss having dinner made for me every night in a cafeteria with a salad bar and a sundae bar. I don’t have those at my house. And I make the dinner!

  169. This post is hilarious and SO true! College was great. I did a little work but eventually it was too stressful and am now back in school for a Master of Arts degree 🙂
    Merci for sharing the laugh!

  170. So true. So hilariously, yet painfully, true.

  171. If you’ve ever seen the Broadway musical “Avenue Q”, then you know the song “I Wish I Could Go Back to College” also sums it up well. (“What would I give to go back and live in a dorm with a meal plan again…I wish I could go back to college, in college you know who you are. I’d sit in the quad and think oh my God I am totally going to go far….I wanna go back my room and find a message in dry erase pen on the door.”)
    Thanks for the laugh as I sit here in my windowless office wondering how I got here.

  172. My “Real World” is better then my “College” days (a lot better). It is a matter of how you approach the “Real World”. I love my life, and would never want to go back to my college days.

  173. Thanks for bringing back great memories! But seriously, the thought of being a recent grad in this economy almost makes me glad to be getting old…

  174. As a current real world citizen for 10+ years, my first response was “Oh, this kid has so much to learn” or some dumb real world serious person response.

    Then I remembered, part of the fun of entering the real world for me was learning how and what I could keep from my college life and what should be swept under the carpet and forgotten.

    I didn’t experience near the responsibility free college life, and don’t have the mundane boring real world life now. My job is flexible and pays me enough to be able to do most of what I want. The last thing I would ever want is to go back and be a college student. Wait no… Last thing I’d want is to be back in high school, then college. Might go back to kindergarten, though. I loved nap time.

    Nobody straight out of college wants advice from an old fart like me (apparently 30+ is old now) so I won’t give you any. You’ll figure it out. We all seem to right?

  175. Seeing as I attend a frasshole and sorostitue heavy university (the university of arizona) I especially related to the “getting laid” section. Gym, party, makeout, sex, repeat? Yes Yes Yes. The art is trying to appear not to be a horny, hormonal slut! What i’d like to see is a difference between the straight world and the gay world. New future blog, i think so.

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  177. Dorrie Tuell

    I love this… college is nothing like the real world. Even what you learn in college is fairly useless in the real world. It just proves to future employers that you are willing and able to be groomed to do what they want you to, and how they want you to do it. Very good post!

  178. I say that he is sometimes right but some are wrong and that in the real world you will have a lot of responsibility but i was lol so much. Good blog.

  179. LOL, so funny because you are really telling the truth about our world these days, because it’s not easy to ask someone to be your friend in these days. CRAZY WORLD!!!!

  180. This is a very entertaining blog and very funny. But it can still be extremely true.

  181. Lol i will have this experience when i go to college. Well, I hope that you have a better life.

  182. LoL because that was really funny . Also you gave fantastic pictures of what was going on.

  183. This so right because college is really nothing like the real world.LoL.

  184. the real world is better than being in college because it depends on what you want to be in your life.

  185. I agree with you because it is different when your in the real world and when your in college. If you ask anybody in the real world if you can have some change or money they will just ignore you but if its someone you they will try to help. Its like your family or people that try to help you is college and the people that ignore you or don’t want to try to help you is the real world.

  186. This is one, and the only, funniest blog that i have ever read. By the way, i like the way you separate the real word and college!

  187. I think he meant that the real world is hard and your family member won’t be their all your life

  188. Im sorry that your having a hard time but in sure you will figure somthing out i agree the real world is hard compared to life in collage. but i know that you will figure out your place in the world.

  189. Nice post, I agree college days are so wonderful that we miss them now. But life must go on and enjoy each moment.

  190. haha this is great. I am learning that grad school, though awesome, is a lot closer to the real world in the ways you mention than college. It’s way disappointing.

  191. edwmac

    interesting post, i can’t wait to graduate now. i don’t know if the job situation is as bad in the states as it is in the UK. right now i’m thinking of staying in higher education until there is any likelihood a graduate of classical literature is going to find real work…

  192. Crap. I’m only in my freshman year and I’m already dreading the “real world.” Geezus.

  193. ninamarcelino

    What an ugly truth, yes? I mean, real world sucks but there’s nothing you can do about it… you just have to consider it real happening and something you should be working it out– no more would nots’, you have no choice. It’s life, you, and survival.

  194. hannahrose42

    THERE’S NO GRASS?! Oh no… I better party on and enjoy the grass while I can.

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  197. Haha, I have to say I completely agree.The real world is depressing compared to “college life”. Unforunately, I have to live in the real world while attending college, and I hate it! This blog was very humerous, and it had a lot of truth.

  198. college is starting to get more “real world.” You don’t make as many friends in college as you think you do and it looks like colleges are becoming more online, which force you to be in the real world. I am noticing more “adults” in college…I mean people that are more worried about their kids and their job than getting laid.

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  200. Reblogged this on Jejak Candra and commented:
    worth read

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