That Just Happened – 3 Things

First of all, I just wanted to take this post to thank WordPress and everyone who visited, commented, and liked my posts after, and before (you know who you are), being Freshly Pressed.  All of your comments really meant a lot to me.  I tried to approve a good mix of comments and I always welcome anyone’s opinion.  Some people took a lot of time crafting a response and I salute you for that.  While this is a humor blog, because I often use satire it presents the opportunity for criticism and discussion.  Knock yourself out, I know I am.

Secondly, I promise I will have a new post out soon, but be sure to check out some of my archived posts in the mean time.  Oldies but Goldies’.

Last but not least, I would also like to say that I am launching a second blog, Blogging for the Screen, where I will be adapting my unproduced screenplays into blog posts.  Each blog post will be a scene or two from the  script, moving in chronological order, until the story is finished.  I will of course add description and narration, which will make the entries essentially dialogue heavy third-person narratives.  Be sure to follow it so you don’t miss an entry!

Again, thank you all for reading and commenting, new stuff coming soon!


Smart Guy (Messenger of the Unknowledge Tree)

The Unknowledge Tree and I are thankful.


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9 responses to “That Just Happened – 3 Things

  1. This is definitely one of my favorite blogs now. So glad you were freshly pressed!

  2. I am also so glad you were freshly pressed because now I am a subscriber and I’ve loved the laughs I’ve gotten so far! Keep up the great work!

  3. Looking forward to the new blog! (I typed “blum” for some reason)

    As a wannabe astronaut, screenwriter, and waiter, the new blog seems right up my alley!

  4. Just signed up for the new blog, can’t wait for your first entry!

  5. I just checked out your second blog. Why you haven’t been updating that one? Are you going to continue it? I read what was there

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