Perseverance, Luck, and Inspiration

This post is in three parts, can you guess what they are called?


I started this blog almost two years ago with this post.  It was pretty amateur I’ll admit (not like it’s any better now), but it was a lot of fun and it felt good to put something out there.  It wouldn’t be long before my blog was discovered by the WordPress admins, and after my third post I was freshly pressed.  I was blown away by the overwhelming positive response I got.  I thought I was set.  I can quit my day job!  Boy was I wrong.

My remaining 17 posts all garnered the same positive comments but none came close to matching the popularity of that initial post, so I lost interest.  I thought, “if no one is reading it, what’s the point?  I have other things to spend my time on, like getting a decent job.”  Six months after my last post I found myself an unemployed “aspiring screenwriter” living in Los Angeles.  Life sucked.  I debated going back to waiting tables again.  I debated selling my body.  I debated asking my parents for money, but not necessarily in that order.

I decided to bite the bullet and start applying for full-time, career-oriented jobs.  I played to my strengths and applied to different writing positions.  Through my research I found that there were quite a few internet marketing firms based in LA, so I applied.  Surprisingly, after only about a week of applying, I heard back from one such company.  They called me in for an interview and in I went.


I arrived a solid ten minutes late to the interview, like any good creative person should, but apparently I was right on time because the person interviewing me was late as well.  After waiting for about five minutes I was ushered into a small office and the interview began.  It will be noted that normally I do quite well in interviews.  I have above average self-confidence and fair generally well under pressure (I’m a good BSer), but today I’ll admit I was quite nervous.

I managed to compose myself, and overall I thought everything was going pretty well.  I was still kind of wondering what got me the interview considering I didn’t really have any paid writing experience, internet or otherwise.  This question was soon answered though when she got to the topic of my blog.  At first I was surprised, but then I was worried because I started to remember all the ridiculous shit I post on this thing, especially this one.  And that would be the exact one she chose to discuss.

Not only did we discuss the blog post I wrote about how working a job sucks compared to being in college, but she actually liked it.  In fact, it was the very reason why I got this interview.  I would go on to get two more interviews because of it, and eventually select one of which I am currently employed.  Ain’t that some shit?


Which takes me to this post.  I have been working for a little over a month now.  My finances are starting to get back on track, and I am generally happy.  While I had originally quit this blog because I was frustrated with the response and didn’t think it was worth my time, it eventually paid off.  I’ve also learned that being creative isn’t about the reward; it’s about expressing yourself.  It’s about being an individual.  If you do that then eventually everything else will just fall into place.

Hence I have returned to blogging.  This time around I’m not hoping for any kind of monetary reward, but just hoping to make a few people laugh, make you think, or just make your day a bit better.  Happy reading!

I have also been inspired by the return of this brave woman.

Oh and yes, this means a new post is actually coming.  This time I promise.  I will have it up by the end of the week.  Here is a snippet:

“Finally, I locate the miracle eye juice.  I stumble to the cash register, fumble around for some money, and hand her some blurry-ass bills I can only hope are the right ones.  She does some cash register things and hands me back more bills, which I also assume to be the right ones.  I take the magic eyeball liquid, walk three steps out of the store, and squeeze that shit in my eye like a fire hose turned on a raging fire.”

eye juice


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6 responses to “Perseverance, Luck, and Inspiration

  1. Yeah, I got FP a few months after I started. It was depressing for about 6 weeks after that because it skewed my stats so badly. Seeing how poorly an everyday post performed by comparison hurt. Welcome back, and congrats on the job!

  2. Despite your 6-month blog hiatus (thought it was longer) I never unsubscribed. You was one of my favorite blogs to read. I can’t believe “life after Freshly Pressed” is why you stop though. If you take a look around others who also have been you will hear similar stories. Look at what becomingcliche said. Being creative is about expressing yourself. No matter if you have one reader or thousands, remember you will one day be your biggest reader when you look back on the past and what you did. Welcome back! I laughed at how you got the interview. How did she find your blog? Did you include it on the resume?

    • Thanks for the feedback! Glad to see you are still blogging too. I posted my blog on the bottom of the email as part of the cover letter, actually. I’m still getting emails about it!

  3. I am tremendouslyhappy to hear that. I’m sure this post will give hope to some frustrated writers out there. Keep up the funny work!

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