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Show Some Love

*Ahem.  I was recently recognized by a blogger, Whose blog I enjoyed very much, and I am thereby obliged to make my own list of blogs which I feel deserve the Versatile Blogger Award, as well as thank said blogger for the award.  I was so happy when you thought my blog deserved an award, you made me shit my pants.  Seriously, those boxers went straight to the garbage.  Not even gonna try and wash those things.  Thank you, Joanna!

Now if I understand this award correctly, the versatile blogger is for a blog/blogger that flies under the radar yet is worthy of praise for its excellent content.  As bloggers, we put ourselves out there and hope against hope that people will enjoy what we have to say.  Often, our blogs will go unrecognized for days, weeks, months, years, lifetimes, light years, eons, decades, minutes, oops I’m going the wrong way, and it can be very frustrating. That is why it’s always nice to hear when someone thinks your blog is the shiznit.

The award contains 3 parts:

1. List seven things about yourself.

2. Thank the blogger who linked you and link them back.

3. Make your own list of blogs who you think deserve the award.

Seven things about me:

1. I write in four forms: for the screen, this blog, in narrative, and cat scratch, literally.

2. I have four cats, and every Saturday we have kitty Olympics where I pit them against each other, and sometimes myself, in various sporting events like: Sleeping, Tail Catching, Eating, Annoying the Shit of Me While I Am Trying to Work, Running Then Sleeping, Licking, and Being Scared.

Okay, so that was an exaggeration.  But really I have one cat, and his name is Mr. Gold.  I got him from a shelter about two months ago.  He has a scar on his side and part of his ear is missing, but he has more personality than some people I know.


3. I do not like being cold.  Being cold for me is one of the worst things that can happen to a person at any given time.  I would rather be forced to watch this video below on loop for however long I am going to be cold for, than actually being cold for that period of time.


4.  I am fixing up a motorcycle, and I just bought a one-speed fixie.  I am trying to phase out my car so I can sell it.  Two wheels everything, baby!

5.  I do not practice moderation, I am incapable.  For me, it’s all or nothing. This plays to my advantage in some things, but usually it just screws me over because I find most things not worth doing 100%, which is a very strange conundrum please don’t get me started on it.

6. I do not posses the ability to have a normal job.  I can literally take nothing seriously, especially something as cliche as an office.  So tell your friends about my blog!  A new one is coming soon!

An example of me in an office:

Manager: Did you finish that report I asked you to do last week?

Alex: Yes

Manager: Can I have it?

Alex: Would you like to have something else instead?

Manager: No, I would like the report.

Alex: What about a smile?  I have lots of those to give.

Manager: Get out of my-

Alex: Office!


Manager: You’re fi-

Alex: Hired!

7. I’m a traveler.  A nomad.  A wandering soul.  Help, help!  I’m suffocating here!

For shits and giggles here is a picture of me.  No I am not a lumberjack, this was just a temporary job.  I was a volunteer for Americorps.


Now on to the Award:

The internet is incredibly saturated with legit information, misinformation, useless information (which I specialize in), and pictures of cats.  None of these things are bad per say, but it makes it increasingly difficult for someone to break in and be heard over the thousands of other people screaming for attention.

I don’t claim to know how to be heard, but what I can say is why I like the blogs I like, and why I write my blog the way I do.  I believe the ingredients for a good blog are as follows: originality, uniqueness, relatablility, and humor.  I try for all of these, god knows I don’t always hit, but these traits are what make blogs interesting to read.  Blogs come from a unique perspective with a unique voice, so they should reflect that.  That being said, the blogs below show signs of these qualities, or I just fucking like them, or whatever.

And the Versatile Blogger Award goes to:










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How to Be Charismatic – 3 Easy Steps

Is there a personality trait more desirable than Charisma?  Intelligence – overrated and impractical.  Kindness – Nice guys finish last?  Anyone?  Respectful – Yeah, whatever, who does that guy think he is? Anyway…Charisma is useful in any situation, and will never go out of style.  If you lack charisma, chances are you have trouble getting a job, getting laid, or getting people to listen to you when you talk.

Famous people with enough charisma to knock out a buffalo: Barack Obama, Natalie Portman, Tim Tebow (you can’t deny his Jesus power), Tom Cruise, Seth McFarland, Kate Walsh, Bob Costas, Marilyn Monroe, and Lil Wayne.  Any of these people seem like someone you might want to be like or be with?  Yeah, me too.

What’s that?  You don’t think you can do it?  But you haven’t even started!  Let’s take a look at charisma step-by-step, and see what it takes to own a room, or at least your general vicinity.  It’s not as hard as it sounds, trust me, you can do it.  I know because I used to be shy, boring, frail, neurotic, awkward, and have low self-esteem.  Now I’m only half of those things, plus some other ones that I’m not really sure what to do with!  All it took was adding a little charisma.  Bang!  Pow!

Step 1 – Talk louder than everyone else.

There is no better way to build charisma, or fake it, then simply talking louder than everyone else around you.  This lets everyone know that what you have to say is way more important than anything they have to say.  After a while you will see that people around you will wait for you to talk first.  This is a nod to your newly discovered alpha personality.  What up boss!?

Step 2 – Move your arms around a ton.

Now that you are talking very loud, it is important to also flail your arms in the air like you are directing an airplane.  Don’t worry if you hit people, they need to recognize your charisma!  Eventually people will stand farther away from you, now that you are being very loud, but don’t worry about that, you wlil require more space now that you are so full of charisma.

Boom! Charisma in your face!

Step 3 – Laugh at everyone.

Ever notice how charismatic people are often smiling or laughing?  They are putting out good vibes, which brings people to them.  Be sure to laugh at everyone, and smile at strangers.  This will surely make you charismatic.  People may look at you funny in the bar, but don’t worry, that big dude is definitely not walking over to beat your ass.

Charisma acquisition complete. Reap the rewards!

Congratulations, you are on the road to being more charismatic!  Provided you still have friends and all your teeth, after following these steps you will be the most charismatic mofo around.  Now get out there and start swinging those arms!


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