New Post Ideas

UPDATE:  Thanks everyone for voting!  I made up my mind and found some motivation to start blogging again, so I will have a post coming out tomorrow.  Happy Holidays!

Okay, according to UPS shipping my graphics tablet is getting here tomorrow.  Yay!  This means I can finally finish my post!  Oh, such magnificent news.  The thing is, during this time I have actually written several posts that I just haven’t added illustrations too.

The Unknowledge Tree has not stopped dishing out knowledge my direction, instead it is I who have neglected to share.  So I will leave it up to you guys to determine which post I finish first.  Isn’t this exciting?  You get to decide your own entertainment!  Welcome to the future, it’s fucking great here.

Here are your choices:

How to Land Your Dream Job – A guide on taking the skills that you have acquired playing video games, reading zounds of pointless asinine shit (present shit excluded) on the internet, and I guess getting an education or something, and applying them to getting a job.

How to Get Into Shape – You are a fat ass, there’s no getting around that (or you), so this guide will help with that, probably, maybe, who knows.

Cats vs. Dogs – The ultimate pet show down.  Who’s cuter?  Whose poop is easier to clean up?  These are questions that have plagued society for longer than anyone would care to admit or care about.  The Unknowledge Tree has the answer.

Periodic Insomnia – Occasionally I have trouble falling asleep, something I like to call “Periodic Insomnia”.  This would be a variation from the norm, and has nothing to do with the U. Tree, but who knows, maybe we change it up, maybe I blog naked, maybe I blog with my eyes closed, or maybe not.

Let me know what you want in the comments!  Preferably sooner rather than later!  And if not enough  people respond I’m going to make a post about cock fighting and it’s going to take me 2343 years.  Nobody wants that.

UPDATE:  If nothing above interests you (scoff), feel free to suggest something else that you would like to know and I will consult the tree.

UPDATE UPDATE: Graphics tablet got delayed until tomorrow.  Right now Dream Job is leading 3-2 over Periodic Insomnia…one more day of voting!


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15 responses to “New Post Ideas

  1. Uma

    Periodic Insomnia. I’d like the Unknowledge tree to guide me on this. The one I always rely on. 😛 😛

  2. Periodic insomnia sounds great! I suffer from that myself.
    Cats vs dogs also. Tho *How to Land Your Dream Job* will probably be more useful 😀

    Hit it ohh wise unknoledge tree…

  3. The dream job and pet poop could actually be worked into the same post.

  4. How To Land Your Dream Job.

  5. I desire the unknowledge necessary for landing my dream job.

  6. Beyouteeful

    “How to Get into Shape”. There are so many variations of this topic in which the tree will be able to unfold its entirety!

  7. allenavw

    Dream Job!

    And you should call it “How to Land Your Dream Job and Justify Every Moment You’ve Spent on the Internet”.

  8. Periodic insomnia please.

  9. Rae

    Oh, enjoy your drawing tablet!

    • Thanks Rae! I ended up getting the bamboo, and the software that came with it is amazing. I am using the AutoDesk SketchBook to make my next post–so much better than Paint.

  10. Maggie L

    ALL OF EM! (in due time, of

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