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New Post Ideas

UPDATE:  Thanks everyone for voting!  I made up my mind and found some motivation to start blogging again, so I will have a post coming out tomorrow.  Happy Holidays!

Okay, according to UPS shipping my graphics tablet is getting here tomorrow.  Yay!  This means I can finally finish my post!  Oh, such magnificent news.  The thing is, during this time I have actually written several posts that I just haven’t added illustrations too.

The Unknowledge Tree has not stopped dishing out knowledge my direction, instead it is I who have neglected to share.  So I will leave it up to you guys to determine which post I finish first.  Isn’t this exciting?  You get to decide your own entertainment!  Welcome to the future, it’s fucking great here.

Here are your choices:

How to Land Your Dream Job – A guide on taking the skills that you have acquired playing video games, reading zounds of pointless asinine shit (present shit excluded) on the internet, and I guess getting an education or something, and applying them to getting a job.

How to Get Into Shape – You are a fat ass, there’s no getting around that (or you), so this guide will help with that, probably, maybe, who knows.

Cats vs. Dogs – The ultimate pet show down.  Who’s cuter?  Whose poop is easier to clean up?  These are questions that have plagued society for longer than anyone would care to admit or care about.  The Unknowledge Tree has the answer.

Periodic Insomnia – Occasionally I have trouble falling asleep, something I like to call “Periodic Insomnia”.  This would be a variation from the norm, and has nothing to do with the U. Tree, but who knows, maybe we change it up, maybe I blog naked, maybe I blog with my eyes closed, or maybe not.

Let me know what you want in the comments!  Preferably sooner rather than later!  And if not enough  people respond I’m going to make a post about cock fighting and it’s going to take me 2343 years.  Nobody wants that.

UPDATE:  If nothing above interests you (scoff), feel free to suggest something else that you would like to know and I will consult the tree.

UPDATE UPDATE: Graphics tablet got delayed until tomorrow.  Right now Dream Job is leading 3-2 over Periodic Insomnia…one more day of voting!


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Don’t Read This & My Top Movies

I’m working on a new post, well sort of, okay, I should be working on a new post, and in order to get my ass moving on that post I’m writing this nonsense post so that I have to look at it every day, which will hopefully motivate me to post something of substance/worth.  I did order one of those fantastic graphics tablets I keep hearing about, but it was sold out from my favorite online store, newegg.com, so I had to order from the Apple Store, which I was not very happy about.  I haven’t purchased anything from apple since I bought a nano back in 2005.  Every time I purchase something from Apple I feel like I am joining some cult.  I am also reminded of the South Park episode, Humancentipad, which does not serve me well.  If you have seen that episode, than not only are you a different person because of it, for better or worse, but you know exactly what I am talking about.

For some reason I felt like this would be a good place for a paragraph break.  Even though is a stream of consciousness post, it still needs paragraphs, right?  Damnit Boggletondrive.com, now I am always self-conscious about my grammar!  It’s okay, I actually really enjoy that blog, keep up the good work.  But back to what I was talking about, which was nothing, so on to a topic worth discussing.  The truth is, I have had the flu for the past week, among other things, like applying to graduate school, has kept me from making a post.

Here is now a list of 30 my favorite movies, in no particular order after #2:

1. Braveheart
2. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


3. Surf’s Up
4. Garden State
5. Fool’s Gold
6, 7, 8. Star Wars (3,4,6)
9, 10, 11. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
12. Jurassic Park
13, 14. The Matrix I and II
15. Independence Day
16. The King’s Speech
17, 18. Muppets From Space, Christmas Carol
19. Hot Rod
20. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
21. The Quick and the Dead
22. Exit Through the Gift Shop
23. Rules of Attraction
24. Greedy
25. The Beach
26. Full Metal Jacket
27. Pirates of the Caribbean II
28. Robin Hood: Men in Tights
29. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
30. The Princess Bride

Please have a magnificent day, and adopt a child or pet if you are in a position to do either.  If you are on the fence about one or the other, just go with your gut.


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